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List Of Things That I Am Happy About

Hey Earthlings... Us has human being tend to concentrate on all the bad things that are happening in our lives, we miss the good things even if they a small and fleeting. Time tends to pass like the speed of... Continue Reading →

If My Home Could Talk

They is a famous saying that goes like this “ If My Home Could talk the stories it would tell’,the stories my old apartment would tell; they were post I confessed that I talked to myself a lot, cause I... Continue Reading →

The Saga Of 2016

Hey Earthlings….. This the last post of the year, for my blog before I review this last year, I want to say a couple of things, this coming year am going to take my blogging and photography seriously, try and... Continue Reading →

Favorites Of 2016: Books

Hey Earthlings This my book list, I wasn’t able to complete my goal to read 250 books this year, which I am sad about but here is a list of the books I loved reading and was stalking authors till... Continue Reading →

Favorites Of 2016: Movies

Hey Earthlings So my favorite movies of the year, it is going to be in list from, I am going to review some of the movies in later blog posts, down the line of next year Jungle Book: This is... Continue Reading →

Favorites of 2016:Music

Hey Earthlings..... I know I have been MIA but my laptop died and all the posts I had prepared sort of went with it, and is still going to post them still working on re-writing them and remembering what I... Continue Reading →

My Dream Job

Hey Earthlings…. How y’all doing so this post is going in the challenges…. So this is my post is about my dream job   Well this is kind of easy for me cause, I have a rough idea what I... Continue Reading →

Still Alive

Hey Earthlings... I hope y'all are okay this is an update post cause, I know i left you guys, hanging with my 30 th day challenge, but I am going to finish it and have out posts, I am working... Continue Reading →

Shows you’ve Re Watched Completely

Hello Earthlings..... So I have been in a phase of collecting old series and movies that, I have grown up on and I have enjoyed re watching the following series since it has been a long time since i watched... Continue Reading →

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