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Fly Away With Chanel.

Hello Earthlings.... Happy Monday,So this post is an article I wrote for uni,decided to share with guys. Fly Away with Chanel. By. Angela .M. Mulei Coming fresh of the Casino Theme runway show for Haute Couture. Karl Lagerfeld took his... Continue Reading →

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Repeat Offender

Hello Earthlings.....How you all doing??? Hope you all are healthy and safe. So they are a few things I need to talk about before, I start this post...So awhile ago Taylor Swift, came out hard on Kanye's song famous,saying she... Continue Reading →

MET Life

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello Earthlings..... I know no rest for the wicked or when you are building an empire, so my posts have be coming on back to back, but they are posts that I have been meaning... Continue Reading →

Blurring The Lines

Hello again Earthlings...This post touches on fashion.....   So recently Jaden Smith cause controversy us when he wore a skirt in the new Louis Vuitton Ad. Gender equality when it comes to fashion is the new trend but it is... Continue Reading →

What I Wore

Hello Earthlings.......Hope ya'll are are good So this is the first fashion related post I am going to be posting since I plan to have a versatile blog. So the other day I went to a dinner party and I... Continue Reading →

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