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Dating Life

Fake Name Dilemma

Hey Earthlings...... Have you ever used a fake name before, when a guy hits on you? And ladies don’t lie we all do it once in a while especially when the guy isn’t your type, and guys sometimes that name... Continue Reading →

My Current Relationship? If Single Why I am

Hey Earthlings..... I am writing this listening to Rivals by Usher (on repeat). So I am single been that way for the past three years. My last relationship left me sort of jaded, broken and it crushed my ability to... Continue Reading →

How to Finally Stop Obsessing Over Your Ex

Hello Earthlings.....I know i am on the roll with these posts but,I am kinda recycling old posts from my old blog. So it has been awhile since I have had to get over an ex, but at this stage i... Continue Reading →

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