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China Life

How To Survive Living In China..(How I did it)

Hey Earthlings.... Since I had been living in China for the past two and half years, I have experienced some things, I thought I would share, with my readers, it might help someone who is planning, travel or live in... Continue Reading →

China 101

Hey Earthlings... Hope y'all are doing great, I know I have been MIA of late but being laptop less is hindering on my progress, although i am still in the process of fleshing out some posts in my journal, so... Continue Reading →

Beach Party Woes

Hello Earthlings....Hope y'all are good am battling a flu and a sore throat...because I took my ass to the beach and it was windy and rainy....well story of my life. Has the title suggests, This past labor weekend my friends(boys)... Continue Reading →

I Have Be Duped!!!!

Hello My Fellow Earthlings How are y'all doing, am doing okay just been busy trying to get things in order plus, concreting on my school work.. So they will be a few things am going to talk about, if your... Continue Reading →

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