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10 Commandments for my Future Husband

Hey Earthlings I recently found a list I wrote when I turned 23, about what I am looking in a future mate, I did this after a friend of mine wrote a similar list after her sister’s wedding and this... Continue Reading →

What I am Afraid of

Hey Earthlings I try to live without being afraid but that is not a realistic way to live,but I am going to list them down. Disappointing my parents: Being an only child they is a lot on your shoulders to... Continue Reading →

My Current Relationship? If Single Why I am

Hey Earthlings..... I am writing this listening to Rivals by Usher (on repeat). So I am single been that way for the past three years. My last relationship left me sort of jaded, broken and it crushed my ability to... Continue Reading →

List Of Things That I Am Happy About

Hey Earthlings... Us has human being tend to concentrate on all the bad things that are happening in our lives, we miss the good things even if they a small and fleeting. Time tends to pass like the speed of... Continue Reading →

If My Home Could Talk

They is a famous saying that goes like this “ If My Home Could talk the stories it would tell’,the stories my old apartment would tell; they were post I confessed that I talked to myself a lot, cause I... Continue Reading →

My Dream Job

Hey Earthlings…. How y’all doing so this post is going in the challenges…. So this is my post is about my dream job   Well this is kind of easy for me cause, I have a rough idea what I... Continue Reading →

Shows you’ve Re Watched Completely

Hello Earthlings..... So I have been in a phase of collecting old series and movies that, I have grown up on and I have enjoyed re watching the following series since it has been a long time since i watched... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Wishlist

Hey Earthlings.... How are you guys?? and are you enjoying the challenges. So i was going to divide this into two lists but when I came down to we writing the list down I was kinda stumped. Gopro camera Chanel... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Older Self

Hey Earthlings.... It is my birthday, and they will be a birthday tag post right after this one. So am meant to write a Letter to my here it goes.... Hello,beautiful,sexy and possible successful me.I hope that we have... Continue Reading →

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