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Get Pissed 

It’s normal to get upset when someone says something that’s less than positive about you—take a few moments or even a few weeks to process it. “It’s fine to be emotional about it,” says executive and life coach Meredith Haberfeld, cofounder of the Institute For Coaching. Of course, if your bitchy coworker puts you down at work, it’s best to wait until you can have alone time to freak. If you have to vent ASAP, career consultant Alexandra Levit, author of They Don’t Teach Corporate in College, recommends stepping outside for a sec and calling a close friend. That way, you can get it off your chest without sparking any office gossip.

Put It In Perspective

Okay, sure—it’s totally offensive when your coworker says something mean, but it’s important to take a little time to think about why she might have said that. Sometimes there’s something positive to be learned from a career critic, so Levit recommends taking a sec to ask yourself, “Is something about what they said true?” And other times, people are just haters for the sake of it—or their motivation is a little skewed. Maybe your coworker is pissed that your boss clearly likes you better, or maybe she just gets her kicks out of trashing other people. In Kate’s case, it’s possible the casting agent was just ticked his company didn’t get to her first.

Shake It Off

While it’s easy to zero in on the negative stuff, Levit says to remind yourself of all of the awesome things people have said about you. Most of the time, that great feedback totally outweighs the negative. In Kate’s case, we think she’s gorgeous and we’ve heard loads of dudes drool over her hot body so, really, she wins.

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