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April 2017

3 Ways To Deal With a Hater

Hey Earthlings... This was in my previous  blog, I got it form an article in Cosmo Get Pissed  It’s normal to get upset when someone says something that’s less than positive about you—take a few moments or even a few... Continue Reading →

Back To School With Riri

Hey Earthlings..... Happy Friday and First week of April is almost over....Hope it has been successful So Rihanna had a second or third show, am not sure, I follow her show launches, personally, I don’t like the puma creepers, but the... Continue Reading →

One Small Step For Man…One Giant Leap For Chanel

Hey Earthlings.... So Karl Lagerfeld did it again, trust the man to take us to the middle of nowhere, a supermarket, the airport and now he takes us to a rocket launch. In the same location has he held the airport,... Continue Reading →

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