Hey Earthlings….

How are y’all doing…. Happy Friday


I know we have all seen pictures, joined Instagram pages of gorgeous men with beards and a man bun, I’m not going to lie, I do want a man with beard, the man bun, tattoos & piercings are optional but would be a plus. I personally blame Sons of Anarchy Jax Teller and Opie Winston, kind of got me obsessed, I remember telling my best friend of the obsession the conversation went like: “I am looking for a blond, blue-eyed guy with a beard and a man bun” he replied he is “looking for a red-head”, anyway I digress.

So here are my reasons to wanting a man with a beard.

  1. Patience: If a man can be that patient to grow a full thick beard, which is soft, tells me the man can handle my craziness, and can be patient when am not willing to share my feels, or when am being stubborn.
  2. Personal Hygiene: I love a man who smells and looks good. A man with a beard takes his time with his beard, shampooing and conditioning it to make it soft and thick. There is also the fact that they make time to go to the barber for it to be lined up, neat and even.
  3. Financial Stable: The products someone has to buy to make sure that beard is well maintained it make a dent in someone’s wallet, I should know I spend a lot of cash on my Locs to make sure am not damaging the


The other reasons are R-Rated you can use your imaginations, and my parents tend to read my blog.

Signing Out  Ramblings Of a Kenyan Girl