Hello Earthlings….

This one is going to be a little hard because my type has change over the years, plus I am going to blame books I have reading over the past couple of years, anyway if I look back at my exes the list goes a little like the one below.

  1. Arrogant in the way they carry themselves and a little bit of the an attitude.
  2. Dark Skin
  3. Tall

But that has change and my tastes have evolved, so I am going to divide this into two groups the Physical (the outside) and the personality ( the inside).

The Physical

  1. Well dressed
  2. Well kept beards,and man bun( of late it long hairs and beards are a hit and am not going to lie a guy who has beard and man bun are hot)
  3. Tattoos
  4. Nice body,
  5. Tall ft plus
  6. Nice eyes.
  7. Foreign accent( well my crush is french)

The Personality

  1. Someone kind
  2. Funny,
  3. Sarcastic, he has to be able to go toe to toe with me when it comes to my sarcasm
  4. Great conversationalist
  5. Alpha male( I blame the books I read)
  6. Arrogance still attracted to that.
  7. God-fearing

I used to have a list I wrote when I turned 23, but I seemed to have misplaced it and plus my type seems to keep changing, so am going to manifest most of the things on that list. But mostly I go with when our personalities attract and connect.

Signing Out Ramblings Of a Kenya Girl