Hey Earthlings

So the reason behind the name of my blog…

Out of place Kenyan means, since I am currently living outside my home country  but that will change since I will be heading home soon. So why Out of place, I have always felt like I was out of step in my life-like I didn’t belong in the country I was born in, I have always wanted to travel the world, plus when your dad and his brothers are over achievers, and you fall short, or when your don’t pick the traditional way to live or study like picking the Arts instead of Business.

I have always felt like the black sheep in my family, since I have tattoos and piercing and my parents are more like my friends and we have an easy relationship.I have come accept that I am weird and will always feel out-of-place, being normal is overrated anyway.

Signing Out of Rambling of A Kenyan Girl