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September 2016

Shows you’ve Re Watched Completely

Hello Earthlings..... So I have been in a phase of collecting old series and movies that, I have grown up on and I have enjoyed re watching the following series since it has been a long time since i watched... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Wishlist

Hey Earthlings.... How are you guys?? and are you enjoying the challenges. So i was going to divide this into two lists but when I came down to we writing the list down I was kinda stumped. Gopro camera Chanel... Continue Reading →

Turning 25

Hello Earthlings....IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!   YAAAY!!!! When you read articles about turning 25, on the internet they say by 25 you should sort of have your life together,since your mid-smack in twenties and you are starting to be in... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Older Self

Hey Earthlings.... It is my birthday, and they will be a birthday tag post right after this one. So am meant to write a Letter to my here it goes.... Hello,beautiful,sexy and possible successful me.I hope that we have... Continue Reading →

A Letter To My Younger Self (16)

Hey Earthlings.... It is my birthday eve....yaaay I am super excited. So am supposed to write a letter to my sixteen year old self, about what I wished,i would have known at that age. So here goes nothing...... Hi sixteen... Continue Reading →

The Best Advice I Have Been Given

Hello Earthlings...we are two days to my birthday.....Yaaay.. So the best advice, this is hard cause, they are a lot of advice I have been given over the years, I am going to share the best two that I actually... Continue Reading →

Why I Started Blogging.

Hello Earthlings.... Three Days to my birthday......Yaaay... So why I started blogging, I read an article that said,I should have a journal, and since I am not a pen to paper kind of girl, I thought a blog fit my personality... Continue Reading →

Old Photo Of Me

Hey Earthlings...My Birthday is in a couple of days yaaay me... So old photo of me I am going to share two photos of when I was a kid..     Wasn't I a cute kid??? Signing out Ramblings of  a... Continue Reading →

Favorite Books List

Hey Earthlings.... So my favorite books...hmmm this is hard cause, I can't sort of remember most of the books I have read, when I was writing the list down, i couldn't pick or remember, but I am going to try.... Continue Reading →

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