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August 2016

VMA Recap

Hey Earthlings.... So I am from watching the Mtv VMA's and all I can say I was blown away.... Mtv honored Rihanna with the Vanguard award and it was well deserved, I personally think it was like a concert with just... Continue Reading →

Catch Up Time

Hey are y'all doing, I know I have been MIA of late but I was finishing my final project for an exhibition I am doing next month...My time in China is almost coming to an end, and I have... Continue Reading →

Day 25: A Song You Could Listen To All Day Without Getting Tired Of.

Hello Earthlings......Hope you guys are well So this is the last post of this challenge, I hope you guys have enjoyed it has much has I have, it was great to take time and go through my music and give... Continue Reading →

Day 24: A Song That You Have Danced To With Your Best Friend.

Hello Earthlings... This the second last one post... Since at the moment my best friend is my sissy, I will pick Wet By Nicole Scherzinger... It is a fun song to have dance to and forget about your worries in life. Signing... Continue Reading →

Day 23:A Song That You Cannot Stand To Listen To

Hi Earthlings...... we are almost to the finish line I hope you guys have enjoy it... So this is kinda hard to pick at the moment...but I would say when I download an album and I tend to like more... Continue Reading →

Day 22: A Song That Someone Has Sung To You

Hello Earthlings...We are almost at the finish line. So this is kinda hard cause the a song someone has sung to me was my ex and I don't remember the name of the song but it was an Ed Sheeran... Continue Reading →

Day 21: Your Favorite Song

Hello Earthlings....Hope your weekend was great, it is Monday, New week full of new Challenges, let's conquer it. My favorite song of right now, because I go through phases of which songs will be my favorite so that song is... Continue Reading →

Day 20:The Last Song Alphabetically In Your Ipod/Itunes

Hello Earthlings.... It is Sunday , I hope y'all are okay and enjoying yourself. Am going to do this like the last post First by Artist than by Music. By Artist Only You by 112 Ft Biggie, this is from... Continue Reading →

Day 19: The First Song Alphabetically In Your Ipod/Itunes.

Hello Earthlings..... This is kinda hard because not all my music is on my Itunes or my Ipod/Iphone and is it alphabetically by Artist or Music so am going to do both the first by Artist than by Music, so... Continue Reading →

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