Hello again Earthlings…This post touches on fashion…..


So recently Jaden Smith cause controversy us when he wore a skirt in the new Louis Vuitton Ad. Gender equality when it comes to fashion is the new trend but it is the future because it has always been there when it came to movies because movie writers always depicted that men and women wearing the similar clothes. I personally think that fashion is about experiment with different styles and trend as long your happy, other people should not make you change who you are.


Designers like Saint Laurent, Gucci, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton are taking a risk with this trend and designing clothes that are unisex and letting male models walk down the runway in skirts and models in male oriented clothes. But with legendary rock stars like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Kurt Cobain… used cross the line when it came to their stage performances, so we have a pretty good idea that this trend is not that new but has been there, it is just coming back around like every trend does in fashion.


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