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July 2016

Day 06: A Song That Reminds You of A Best Friend

Hello Earthlings... Happy Sunday Since I lost my best friend a year ago the song that always reminds me of him is See You Again by Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Puth.... It always brings tears to my eyes I will... Continue Reading →

Day 05: A Song That is Often Stuck in Your Head

Hello Earthlings....Hope you guys are good... Right now they a lot of songs that might be stuck in my head but right now I would say One Dance by is a party song and it is always playing when I go... Continue Reading →

Day 04: Song That Calms You Down

Hello Earthlings Well this is hard to pick when you have over 3,000 songs but I would I pick Let it Go by James Bay. This songs tends to calm my mind and reminds me to let stuff go and... Continue Reading →

Day 03: A Song That Reminds You of Your Parents

Hello Earthlings... Songs that remind of my parents that is kinda hard since they are many songs but I would say any Bob Marley song will remind me of my parents cause that was a constant in music around the... Continue Reading →

Day 02: A Song That Reminds You of Your Most Recent Ex

Hello Earthlings....Hope yall are good... So they are a lot of songs that reminds me of my current ex but the one that is constantly on my mind is Broken Frame by Alex & Sierra. If you heard the song... Continue Reading →

Day 01: A Song from your childhood

Hello Earthlings...... So my song for my childhood will have to be: Buffalo Solider by Bob Marley...basically any song from Bob Marley defines my childhood, Bob was always playing around the house, thanks to my dad...his philosophies are something I try... Continue Reading →

25 Songs,25 Day

Music challenge welcome

Repeat Offender

Hello Earthlings.....How you all doing??? Hope you all are healthy and safe. So they are a few things I need to talk about before, I start this post...So awhile ago Taylor Swift, came out hard on Kanye's song famous,saying she... Continue Reading →

The Myth That is Homesickness

Hello Earthlings....So I deleted this post by mistake... my blog has been giving me some issues so am going to try to remember what I wrote... So I have been away from home for 2-3 years and I never have... Continue Reading →

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