Hello Earthlings…….. I know I have been MIA but I have had a couple of things planned over the next few weeks and months, Plus I recently got a Job so yaaay me,but I would like your help by like the page https://www.facebook.com/yesoworld/ since I am handling they social media.


So it is Pride month, It is on my bucket list to at least go for a pride parade and eventually is it is in God’s plan to join the committee and bring a pride parade to Kenya.To a sadder note a man into a gay club and shot it up, in Orlando USA. Living in the states is starting to be dangerous that you can’t go to a club and have fun with someone deciding that he can kill innocent people who are out to enjoy their youth. This goes down has the most horrible mass death that has pure hatred behind it, I hope that this does not happen again.




Moving on from that, apparently Taylor Swift has a new boyfriend and it is Tom Hiddleston(Loki), this would be Miss Swift’s 8th boyfriend, while I have only had four,but on a serious note how does she still have the ‘America’s Sweetheart’ Title because I don’t think she is but anyway that is my opinion.


Before I leave y’all keep on the lookout for new posts, pictures,updates from my new job, and I will be living China soon for “greener” pastures meaning home for awhile.

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