Hello Earthlings….Hope y’all are good am battling a flu and a sore throat…because I took my ass to the beach and it was windy and rainy….well story of my life.


Has the title suggests, This past labor weekend my friends(boys) dragged me to a beach party that was two hours away from where I stay, since my life tends to be home, school,home I stepped out of my comfort zone and went all I can say about the experience was lesson learnt, they were somethings that went on that were not something I want a repeat of so am going to leave at that.



So the beach party wasn’t what I expected and being 24, and growing up in a coastal town where the beach is my backyard and I have been to my fair share of beach parties.

“Sand Box”

The music was great the atmosphere was good, great people but I was partying in a sandbox,when you think for international beaches I thought I would get a white beach,crystal clear blue water, but what I got was brown beach sand and water that you could not see through, it was worse that the one back home at least our’s is blue but this one looked like a dirty lake, was kinda disappointed over that.The beach party was held on village that house 400+ hotels, it is like a backpacker’s dream to stay there.

The Boys

Living in China, one of the things that I have come to learn to expect is that Chinese people will openly stare at you like your part to a zoo exhibition and will take photos of you without permission, so all the chinese people were  standing on the edges and entrance and exit of the party looking at the foreigners partying, it was like a they have not seen it anything like this before.

Chinese People Staring 

Over roll I had fun,made new friends made some questionable choices that I fully blame alcohol and lapse of judgement.


The Party

Song of the week: Freak of the week by Krept & Konan

Be Blessed

Signing out Ramblings of a Kenya Girl.