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May 2016

What I Wore

Hello Earthlings.......Hope ya'll are are good So this is the first fashion related post I am going to be posting since I plan to have a versatile blog. So the other day I went to a dinner party and I... Continue Reading →

When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade

Hello  Earthlings...... So I wrote this blog awhile ago and it mysterly deleted it self and published it self with only the title and none of the insightful things I wrote....So here i go again. Recently Queen B dropped her... Continue Reading →

Beach Party Woes

Hello Earthlings....Hope y'all are good am battling a flu and a sore throat...because I took my ass to the beach and it was windy and rainy....well story of my life. Has the title suggests, This past labor weekend my friends(boys)... Continue Reading →

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