Hello Earthlings… How y’all doing, hope you are doing good ..

So has the title says I’m going talk about my tattoo journey…. this path started a couple of years ago, but it kinda started with me watching shows of tattoo artists like Kat Von D, Ami James on shows like Miami Ink, La Ink and NY Ink, so I have always wanted to get a tattoo, my mum thinks that me getting a tattoo is pressure but it is not, most of my tattoo have a meaning behind them, I don’t mark my body with something permanent without it meaning something to me.

So the first tattoo I got was supposed to be a chinese symbol for fire with two music notes, i will say that backfired on me, it ended up looking like a dead man, so it was an epic fail.


That tattoo taught me a lot of who your tattoo artist should be and you should do research on they work,the tattoos following that one were awesome because I found an artist who understood what I wanted and I let him be artist.

Most of my tattoos means something to me,they mark moments in my life that I want to remember, they also give me peace when it comes to sitting under the needle, it is like my mind shuts down and I can breathe again and plan my next move, tattoos are addictive and euphoric, am in the process into starting my half sleeve, I just have to find a tattoo artist and save cash for them cause living in a different country tattoos are charged by the hour.

I have fourteen tattoos and counting and am proud of all them here some of them.


Song of the week: Can’t let go: Adele

Be Blessed

Signing out Ramblings of a Kenyan Girl