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Fly Away With Chanel.

Hello Earthlings.... Happy Monday,So this post is an article I wrote for uni,decided to share with guys. Fly Away with Chanel. By. Angela .M. Mulei Coming fresh of the Casino Theme runway show for Haute Couture. Karl Lagerfeld took his... Continue Reading →

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How To Survive Living In China..(How I did it)

Hey Earthlings.... Since I had been living in China for the past two and half years, I have experienced some things, I thought I would share, with my readers, it might help someone who is planning, travel or live in... Continue Reading →

China 101

Hey Earthlings... Hope y'all are doing great, I know I have been MIA of late but being laptop less is hindering on my progress, although i am still in the process of fleshing out some posts in my journal, so... Continue Reading →

The Art Of In-between… Met Gala

Hey Earthlings....... -So the beginning  of each May signals is that time again for the Met gala which was held last week the theme of this year was honor Rei Kawakubo/ Comme des Garçons, which is the art of in-between,”... Continue Reading →

Catch Up

Hey Earthlings How are y'all doing, I am doing okay, but laptop less again, my laptop froze and crashed, but I will try to make due, withe the computer in my dad's office. It is May the year is going... Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Deal With a Hater

Hey Earthlings... This was in my previous  blog, I got it form an article in Cosmo Get Pissed  It’s normal to get upset when someone says something that’s less than positive about you—take a few moments or even a few... Continue Reading →

Back To School With Riri

Hey Earthlings..... Happy Friday and First week of April is almost over....Hope it has been successful So Rihanna had a second or third show, am not sure, I follow her show launches, personally, I don’t like the puma creepers, but the... Continue Reading →

One Small Step For Man…One Giant Leap For Chanel

Hey Earthlings.... So Karl Lagerfeld did it again, trust the man to take us to the middle of nowhere, a supermarket, the airport and now he takes us to a rocket launch. In the same location has he held the airport,... Continue Reading →

Fake Name Dilemma

Hey Earthlings...... Have you ever used a fake name before, when a guy hits on you? And ladies don’t lie we all do it once in a while especially when the guy isn’t your type, and guys sometimes that name... Continue Reading →

Beard Love

Hey Earthlings.... How are y'all doing.... Happy Friday I know we have all seen pictures, joined Instagram pages of gorgeous men with beards and a man bun, I'm not going to lie, I do want a man with beard, the... Continue Reading →

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